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      AA Roster   08/25/2016

      Hey y'all, here is the roster that has been discussed at great length. If you don't see your name there is probably a good reason for that (AKA, you weren't on to tell us!). If your name isn't listed, go ahead and get in contact with Wrath, Drizz, or myself so we can sort you out. Tanks- Drizz- Druid Skerd- Death Knight   Healers- Pitty- Shaman Valania- Druid Awendela- Priest Korolis- Druid Kensrow- Paladin   Melee DPS- Experiment- Demon Hunter Bitrix- Preferred Rogue or Shaman otherwise Death Knight Vadious- Death Knight Von- Paladin Affection- Monk Myst- Warrior Spawnofdoom- Paladin Blus- Monk Nolf- Warrior Vahlin- Shaman   Ranged DPS- Wis- Hunter Wrath- Priest Dymund- Mage Abby- Warlock/Druid Twist- Druid Odwalla- Hunter Yayotony- Shaman Galan- Mage Nitfu- Mage Raw- Warlock Palthazora- Druid Squigles- Warlock Lanold- Hunter Axaron- Priest


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